Friday, 3 January 2014

MyProtein Cereal Bars

Amend as you see fit, you will need a 'big' bowl! 

330g unsalted butter
260ml golden syrup
260g soft light brown sugar
250g rolled oats
200g desiccated coconut 
125g dried apricots, chop these finely
60g dried dates, chop these finely
125g cornflakes
125g sunflower seeds 
60g dried cranberries
125g shelled chopped/broken up walnuts
125g raisins 
60g chopped Brazil nuts
60g chopped cashew nuts
300g Whey Protein (impact whey from myprotein is the best & has the highest concentration of protein, it also comes in flavours)

Butter, syrup & sugar in a pan (med heat) & mix till melted & smooth.

Mix all the rest together in a large bowl with a wooden spoon until evenly dispersed and well mixed.

Add the sugar mix to the everything mix and mix till there is nothing dry left and all is evenly dispersed... 

Press all the mixture into a baking tray (33x22x5cm) & use a spoon to press & flatten.

Cover with a sheet of grease proof paper then a book /smaller tray and put weights/jars/beer on top to weigh it down and properly flatten it even more, once cooled put all in the fridge overnight.

Cut into whatever size you want.

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