Thursday, 10 October 2013

IFSC European Youth Bouldering Cup Laval 2013

This weekend (12th & 13th October 2013) sees the final round of the IFSC European Youth Bouldering Cup, in Laval, France, where members of Team GB will be competing.

A massive GB team including Tara Hayes, Rachel Carr, Gracie Martin, Molly Thompson-Smith, Sidonie Graham, Alexia Basch, Jenifer Wood, Hamish Potokar, Alex Waterhouse, Edward Mabone, James Mabone, Peter Dawson, William Bosi and Nathan Phillips  will all travel to Europe with Team Manager Tom Greenall and Assistant Team Manager Clive Phillips for this final round.

Over the course of the event there are a number of different ways of keeping upto date with the progress of the team.

Firstly, Tom will be tweeting, so if you don’t follow him are keen to keep upto date then follow;

I assume the hashtag that will be used for all team GB related information will be the standard one #gbjuniorboulderingteam

Secondly, Tim Hatch, in the same way he developed the App to keep track of the scores during the senior Bouldering Team Competitions, he has modified the app to keep track of the scores during the Junior Bouldering Competitions, the app can be downloaded for the iPhone from the App Store, it works on the iPad its just smaller.

The app is called “IFSC Youth” and can be downloaded here;

Thirdly, the event is going to be streamed live here;

The full details, timings etc can be found on the IFSC Website link;